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Below is an interactive map of The Forge Lands from Darksiders 2:

A screenshot of the interactive map of The Forge Lands from Darksiders II

There are also maps of the Kingdom of the Dead, Lostlight and Shadow’s Edge.

I initially planned on including dungeon maps but due to various reasons I haven’t been able to include them. I did put in screenshots of the various quest items (Book of the Dead, Sticks & Stones, Lost Relics, GnoMAD, etc) so it’ll give you a hint on where to find them. There are also videos of some of the notable encounters in the game.

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Below is an interactive map of The Faelands including the maps from Dead Kel and Teeth of Naros:

A screenshot of the interactive map of The Faelands from the Kingdoms of Amalur

For those who have used my online maps of Guild Wars this has a lot more features like: being able to zoom in/out, search for a particular location, add your own custom locations with notes to them, and importing/exporting custom locations to share with your friends ๐Ÿ˜€

To view the map, click here.

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Here’s a work in progress:

The Forge of Marcus De Roth

Screenshot of the Interactive Forge of Marcus De Roth for the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

The Forge of Marcus De Roth is an interactive blacksmith forge for the Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Use this site to create your best in-game weapons and armor set to fit your play-style or simply as a reference for the materials, components and gems. The listed items comes straight from one of the loot tables in the game and may or may not be actually available (I’ve made a note of the components that I’ve yet to pick up).

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iPad: CineXPlayer Media Location

For those wondering where CineXPlayer stores the video files: use a program that can view the file structure of your iPad (iFile comes to mind) and look under /User/Applications and search for (you’ll see a bunch of alphanumeric characters as the parent directory name). In that parent directory, you’ll see the Documents subdirectory which is where the media files are stored for CineXPlayer.

Tip: If you have multiple media players, you only need to create a link of the media file inside the Documents directory and CineXPlayer will still be able to play the file.

My connection isn’t reliable. I would be lucky to download ~300MB of data without getting disconnected (and let’s not forget I also have a slow connection). This is a problem when you’re downloading documentations with XCode since it doesn’t seem to be able to resume downloads. Fortunately, the following steps can be used as a workaround in getting the necessary documents:

  1. Go to the XCode Documentation preferences and you should see something like:

    Screenshot of XCode 4 Documentation Preferences

  2. Click on the document that you would like to download (ie iOS 4.3 Library) and click on the show doc set info button .
    You should see something like:

    Screenshot of Documentation Preferences showing docset info

  3. Make a note of the document file size, version and then copy the Feed URL and paste it to Safari or any web browser/application that can read XML (as of June 2011, XCode 4 is looking for iOS 4.3 Library v 38.55 having anย  approximate size of 459MB). This is important as downloading a different version of the docset may not be readable by XCode 4. Download the XAR file from Safari or copy the URL and use your favorite download manager to get the file.

    Screenshot of Safari displaying the Feed URL. Note the two versions of the iOS 4.3 Library

  4. Once the file has been downloaded, you can:
    1. Use Pacifist to extract the content of the XAR file to the following folder: /Developer/Documentation/DocSets
    2. Copy the XAR file to /Developer/Documentation/DocSets and launch a terminal window and make your way to the location and use: sudo xar -xf filename.xar to extract the files. Delete/backup the XAR when the operation has been completed.

    If XCode was running while you were doing this, relaunch XCode otherwise the docset may not appear.

  5. The docset should now appear in XCode. If XCode isn’t listing the docset, it is possible that you have downloaded a different version that XCode could not read or it requires the file owner to be _devdocs. To change the file owner, launch a terminal window, make your way to the previous location and use: sudo chown -R -P _devdocs filename.docset or since all docsets are owned by _devdocs anyway: sudo chown -R -P _devdocs *.docset

    Screenshot of XCode's Document Organizer

This method can also be used to download and overwrite previous docset version but before proceeding, please make a backup of the working documentation before overwriting.