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Guild Wars: Oops! I got banned…

WARNING: Getting this guy can get you banned!

I took advantage of the “double green item drop rate” weekend (Nov 11, 2011)  to try and get a Peacekeeper mini. During that time I was in a particular area always going out and getting rid Peacekeeper groups. This run only takes a few minutes. I was also cycling through my PVE characters because I want their experience points to be equally distributed. It so happens that the last character that I had to play is Lorenzo Silat (Ritualist) and when I reached that mark when all my characters had the same experience points, I decided to continue playing with Lorenzo to start the next cycle. Then I decided to switch districts because I wanted to keep the run a secret. After all, if (big emphasis on the if) a Peacekeeper mini does drop, it’s a short but boring way of acquiring one.

Imagine my surprise when I tried logging back again to continue my run: my account was blocked. After talking to the support staff, it looks like my ban’s going to stay. Here’s an excerpt from the communique:

“I want you to know that we use great care when analyzing accounts prior to termination. We are both diligent and conservative in determining which accounts are using these programs, and we only take action after we are able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that such use has occurred.”

As far as I can tell, the extent of their “great care when analyzing accounts prior to termination” is: they see someone going in and out of an outpost in a short amount of time ergo that person must be a bot. Granted, doing that run is the only thing that’s keeps playing Guild Wars in the past few days (and I’m NOT  doing it  24/7 mind you) At no time will any one of their monitoring team try to communicate with you or even see if there’s a robotic pattern in your movement other than quickly going out of the area — do I really have to do other stuff in the outpost if I was only getting 0-3 drops per run?

It also looks like they’ve removed the anti-farm thing that was available a few years ago where you’d try to farm a group and eventually get a notice that the drops will be lowered because you’ve been killing them over and over. Instead of getting the notice, they’ll just ban you this time 😉

So good bye Guild Wars, our years together has been good. And I apologize my dear reader, I will no longer be able to share any Guild Wars related matter from now on.

Danika of House zu Heltzer was worried about the wardens continuously attacking her people. And thus she requested the assistance of Marcus De Roth to delve deep into the Warren and find a way to stop the menace.

Marcus De Roth with fellow adventurers and the burned stump of Urgoz (1920x1200, 297KB)

Marcus De Roth with the help of Dunkoro, Xandra, Jora, Olias, Gwen, Tahlkora and Razah managed to defeat Urgoz ensuring the safety of the Echovald Forest at least, for the time being…

After hearing Marcus’ Underworld excursion, Lorenzo Silat thought he should follow in hopes of gaining Grenth’s favour. With the help of Razah, Dunkoro, Jora, Gwen, Zhed Shadowhoof, Olias, and Tahlkora, the group managed to assist Grenth’s Reapers. And after a long and grueling fight, the adventurers managed to weaken Dhuum.

Lonrezo Silat and fellow adventurers with Dhuum imprisoned (1920x1200, 497KB)

Marcus De Roth was having nightmares of a skeletal face waving his ominous green scythe and hacking him in half. It was Grenth’s way of calling Marcus to the Underworld as Grenth’s predecessor was gaining enough power to free himself from his chains.

Marcus De Roth and fellow adventurers with Dhuum sulking behind (1920x1200, 455KB)

After a few attempts, Marcus De Roth, with the help of Olias, Xandra, M.O.X., Gwen, Zhed Shadowhoof, Tahlkora, and Razah finally managed to weaken Dhumm. Weakened enough for Dhuum to reconsider his plan on terrorizing Tyria once more…

Following in Marcus’ foot steps, Bo Chwezi bribed Marcus’ companions in going into the Fissure of Woe and getting Balthazar’s blessing. With the help of Xandra, Olias, Acolyte Sousuke, Vekk, Gwen, Tahlkora and Razah, they were able to complete several quests and was able to get Balthazar’s gift.


Bo Chwezi and companions with Fissure of Woe chest (1920x1200, 406KB)