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Map of the Northern Kingdoms

An interactive map of the Northern Kingdoms from The Witcher 2 game. This is a work in progress and may change at any time. The following browsers have been use to test the map:

  • Google Chrome 19.0.1084.46 – may become unresponsive while importing a lot of custom locations(1).
  • Internet Explorer 9 – moving the map may be choppy.
  • Mozilla Firefox 12 – may become unresponsive while importing a lot of custom locations (A prompt may appear stating that the script is taking a long time to execute) (1).
  • Opera 11.64 – Has a rendering or CSS-related issue with the map tiles when the scale is changed.
  • Safari 5.1.5 (7534.55.3) – clearing the map-related data may or may not work.

To view the map, click here.

Based on my very limited research, there are inaccuracies in the game map. If you would like to help in making an accurate map of the Witcher world, I would need a base map without the fortresses, cities, towns, names and such and the corrections in the locations.

[2012 June Update] Updated the map script.

[2012 Oct 17] Ooops! At some point, I made modifications to a module which the map script uses and there was a bug which affected the addition/modification of custom locations. Should be fixed now (=

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on:

Screenshot of The Witcher 2: Armor Gallery

The Witcher 2: Armor Gallery shows Geralt wearing most of the armors from the game including their diagrams (if craft-table). It has been tested using the following MS Windows browsers:

  • Firefox 7.0.1
  • Google Chrome 14.0.835.202 m
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Opera 11.51
  • Safari 5.0.5

Even if you’re on a different system but have the same or better version of the listed browsers, everything should work just fine. But if something does appear broken, please let me know your system and I’ll see what I can do about it (=

Known issue:

  • Opera 11.52: javascript issue involving the display of “Retrieving armor” message. Sometimes it doesn’t disappear after the armor picture has been loaded.

To view the armor gallery, click here.

If you have any problems, comments, suggestions and/or violent reactions, please submit them here.

2011 Nov 18 Update: The scroller script that the gallery uses is now iPad friendly.

After a brief brush with the gargoyles, Geralt needed something better than the Oathbreaker’s. He found his old acquaintance: Bras of Ban Ard and upon learning of Geralt’s recent encounter, he told him of the Kinslayer’s outfit.

Screenshot of the diagram set for the Kinslayer's outfit

Diagram set for the Kinslayer's outfit (1920x1200, 537KB)

Choosing to rescue Triss instead of helping Philippa, Geralt faced a problem of obtaining the dragon scales1. He was searching the sewers in hopes of finding a unexplored location that might yield the scale and there he met The Operator.

Geralt defeating The Operator HD available

The Operator talked of the Chosen One but Geralt told him the truth, that he was not the Chosen One. The Operator then released his fury but with some luck, Geralt emerged victorious. After a brief search of the chamber, he found among the remains of The Operator the dragon scales! The final material that he needed for the Kinslayer.

Kinslayer's outfit (1920x1200, 1.4MB)

Kinslayer outfit with Weeper drawn (1920x1200, 1.2MB)

Talking with Bras (1920x1200, 466KB)

Instant kill... (1920x1200, 411KB)

Geralt defeating the dragon HD available

Final confrontation with Letho HD available

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1 – Apart from Philippa Eilhart’s home and the Operator, dragon scales can also be found in the Taemerian Camp.

Geralt felt that the monsters in Vergen are a lot tougher than those in Flotsam and thus he decided to buy a new set of armor and saw the diagrams for the Oathbreaker outfit. And after much time spent on dealing with monsters, he was finally able to afford the set:

Screenshot of the diagram set for the Oathbreaker's outfit

Diagram set for the Oathbreaker's outfit (1920x1200, 563KB)

Oathbreaker's outfit (1920x1200, 595KB)

Oathbreaker's outfit with Virgin drawn (1920x1200, 558KB)

Drinking with old friends... (1920x1200, 590KB)

With a flickering heart (1920x1200, 720KB)

Prince Stennis making a speech (1920x1200, 883KB)

Geralt casting the Heliotrope Sign HD available

Geralt defeating the Draug HD available

Geralt had a very strange dream. He dreamt fighting the Draug again. To see the dream, click here.

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For the other witchers out there who chose to slay  foes in dark mode, here’s the look of the Blasphemer’s outfit:

Screenshot of the diagram set for the Blasphemer's outfit

Diagram set for the Blasphemer's outfit (1920x1200, 586KB)

Blasphemer's Outfit with swords sheathed (1920x1200, 847KB)

Blasphemer's Outfit with silver sword drawn (1920x1200, 616KB)

After an instant kill... (1920x1200, 403KB)

Geralt defeating the Kayran HD available

Geralt defeating Letho during their first confrontation HD available

Geralt doing hard work HD available

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