Below is an interactive map of The Forge Lands from Darksiders 2:

A screenshot of the interactive map of The Forge Lands from Darksiders II

There are also maps of the Kingdom of the Dead, Lostlight and Shadow’s Edge.

I initially planned on including dungeon maps but due to various reasons I haven’t been able to include them. I did put in screenshots of the various quest items (Book of the Dead, Sticks & Stones, Lost Relics, GnoMAD, etc) so it’ll give you a hint on where to find them. There are also videos of some of the notable encounters in the game.

Tip: Use the search feature to quickly find quest items.

Click on a button to view the map:

Tested on the following Windows-based browsers:

  •     Google Chrome 22.0.1229.79 m – Has a web font rendering issues.
  •     Internet Explorer 9 – moving the map may be choppy even with smooth scrolling disabled.
  •     Mozilla Firefox 16.0.1
  •     Opera 12.02

Due to the amount of material related to the maps, expect certain things to be broken. But please do inform me so I can fix it (= For any other problems, comments, suggestions and/or violent reactions, please submit them here.