Screenshot of the TESV: Skyrim - Character Modifier

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Character Modifier is a web-based form that will generate for you the necessary console commands to alter your character skill levels, perks and attributes using the batch command. To learn how to run a batch file in Skyrim, refer to this site.

The form can also be used to plan your character since you can only choose a limited number of perks.

When the form generates the console commands, copy the generated text and split it into to two batch files. The first file will deselect your perks and the second will do the actual modifications. Running them all in one file will result in the perks not being displayed as selected although some perks actually works.

The form has been tested using the following Windows-based browsers:

  • Firefox 9.0 – When printing, alternative font is used instead of the primary one.
  • Google Chrome 16.0.912.63 m – Handles multiple columns a bit different.
  • Internet Explorer 9 – No support for CSS multiple colums.
  • Opera 11.60 – Handles multiple columns a bit different like Google Chrome. Modifying the CSS or changing the element breaks the layout and the script. Also, Opera fails to handle the skill level slider and perk selection on the lower part of the 2nd and the whole of 3rd column.
  • Safari 5.1.2 (7534.52.7) – When printing, some fonts aren’t displayed properly.

To view the TESV: Skyrim Character Modifier, click here.

If you have any problems, comments, suggestions and/or violent reactions, please submit them here.