After a brief brush with the gargoyles, Geralt needed something better than the Oathbreaker’s. He found his old acquaintance: Bras of Ban Ard and upon learning of Geralt’s recent encounter, he told him of the Kinslayer’s outfit.

Screenshot of the diagram set for the Kinslayer's outfit

Diagram set for the Kinslayer's outfit (1920x1200, 537KB)

Choosing to rescue Triss instead of helping Philippa, Geralt faced a problem of obtaining the dragon scales1. He was searching the sewers in hopes of finding a unexplored location that might yield the scale and there he met The Operator.

Geralt defeating The Operator HD available

The Operator talked of the Chosen One but Geralt told him the truth, that he was not the Chosen One. The Operator then released his fury but with some luck, Geralt emerged victorious. After a brief search of the chamber, he found among the remains of The Operator the dragon scales! The final material that he needed for the Kinslayer.

Kinslayer's outfit (1920x1200, 1.4MB)

Kinslayer outfit with Weeper drawn (1920x1200, 1.2MB)

Talking with Bras (1920x1200, 466KB)

Instant kill... (1920x1200, 411KB)

Geralt defeating the dragon HD available

Final confrontation with Letho HD available

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1 – Apart from Philippa Eilhart’s home and the Operator, dragon scales can also be found in the Taemerian Camp.