Geralt felt that the monsters in Vergen are a lot tougher than those in Flotsam and thus he decided to buy a new set of armor and saw the diagrams for the Oathbreaker outfit. And after much time spent on dealing with monsters, he was finally able to afford the set:

Screenshot of the diagram set for the Oathbreaker's outfit

Diagram set for the Oathbreaker's outfit (1920x1200, 563KB)

Oathbreaker's outfit (1920x1200, 595KB)

Oathbreaker's outfit with Virgin drawn (1920x1200, 558KB)

Drinking with old friends... (1920x1200, 590KB)

With a flickering heart (1920x1200, 720KB)

Prince Stennis making a speech (1920x1200, 883KB)

Geralt casting the Heliotrope Sign HD available

Geralt defeating the Draug HD available

Geralt had a very strange dream. He dreamt fighting the Draug again. To see the dream, click here.

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