Lorenzo Silat (spirits), with the help of Olias (minion master), Gwen  (interrupter), Acolyte Sousuke (fire-support with Ward Against Harm), Mhenlo, Kihm, Eve and Gehraz managed to vanquish the area of The Hidden City of Ahdashim in 1 hour and 7 minutes. The foes are mostly composed of Djinns, Cobalts, Roaring Ethers, Behemoths, Beetles, Hekets, Mirage Ibogas, Storm Jacarandas, Enchanted Brambles, and Whistling Thornbrushes.

Some Behemoth group can have a Roaring Ether in them. And the Ruby Djinn’s Searing Flames and Roaring Ether’s Energy Surge can easily wipe out the party. Before engaging a Djinn/Roaring Ether group, be sure that the party is ready and lure the group.