And here is yet another web-based Sudoku puzzle. The puzzles are based on the collection of sudoku17 by Gordon Royle and The University of Western Australia. Relies heavily on javascript.

There are 3 difficulties with the hard mode only giving 17 hints. You can also put in a custom puzzle. There is also a solver and some in game helper (auto-scratch and auto checks if the number you’ve put in is correct) Also let’s you save|load game (via cookies)

The puzzle works with the following windows browsers: Google Chrome 7.0.517.44, Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.6.12, Opera 10.63 and Safari 5.0.3. Also works in Opera Mobile 10. Like my previous work, there are some CSS issues if viewed with IE8 but nothing that should break the functionality of the game.

One major issue that you may encounter is if the browser says the javascript is taking too long to respond. This is likely caused by the solver doing a brute force approach (I’m still working on refining the solver). I would recommend ignoring the warning for up to three times only. If it persists, then stop the javascript execution and if it happens to a particular puzzle # I’d appreciate it if you could contact me so I can only into it.

To play sudoku, click here.