I needed a number generator and I remember making a javascript password generator a few years back that could be helpful. It was crude but effective at that time and then I thought I’d remake it to be more versatile.

Now it’s a bit more customizable allowing for multiple sets of numbers, words or single letters to be randomly generated and joined together. Say you want to generate a password having a common word, a couple of random letters and a few numbers then the first set would contain the words, the second set would contain the alphabet and the third set would contain the numbers and then also have the script shuffle the results for good measure.

Tested to be working properly on the following browsers: Firefox 3.6.1, Opera 10.62, Safari 5.0.2 and Google Chrome 6.0.472.55 .  With regards to Internet Explorer 8.0, there are some javascript issues with the custom set form and CSS issues in general but the preset buttons will generate the values just fine.

I still want to add a few more features to it but for now this will have to do. To see the script in action, click here.

Update: Quick fix for the javascript bug for IE but there’s still some CSS issues.

Update 2: Pressing on a preset button now auto-fills the custom set form.

2012 March 20 Update: This script has been replaced by echRanGen 2012.