It’s been a long time since I’ve played with any type of LEGO and through good fortunes, I’ve been given a Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0 kit and been playing with the humanoid build (Alpha Rex). After going through the basic programming, I thought of building my own using Bricx. I tried mimicking the original program while adding some of my own. In this case, the AlphaRex “talks” when starting up and stopping. It always walks forward until it encounters an obstacle in which case it will attempt to turn left/right or ask for a random (ball) color.

I wanted to add some more routines to fine tune the Alpha Rex but I’m beginning to get errors while transferring the compiled program to the NXT brick even though there wasn’t any compilation error and I’m pretty sure I still have enough space in it.

If you’re interested in giving my program a test-drive, you can download the zip file containing the Bricx source codes and sound files here. You may need to free up some space in your NXT brick, the sound files are already around ~40KB.

After compiling and running the program in your NXT brick, press the center button again to start/stop Alpha Rex.

Here’s the Alpha Rex in action: